I Am My Passion Project

(a Womanhouse podcast)

The I Am My Passion Project podcast is a feminist platform hosted by Lorna Nakell that provides much needed conversations about the challenges of being a woman in our current society as well as the possibilities for empowerment. Episodes include rich conversations about everything from life transitions, healing from betrayal trauma, how porn is destroying our intimacy and creating a culture of harm against women, and aging amazingly, to deep diving into American film classics and dissecting them through a feminist lens. Each season has a different theme. So, grab a mug of “fight the patriarchy” tea (available soon—ha ha) and settle down into your Womanhouse to start scheming how you can be your own passion project, if you aren’t already.

Season 2 of I Am My Passion Project launches Thursday, Feb 8! The theme for this season is, “Women Redesigning the World as a Better and Safer Place for Women.”

The depth and breadth of gender inequality in our society is astounding and all encompassing. The frustrating thing from my standpoint is that our culture still ignores the fact that women are an oppressed class of people. And, women are so steeped in this oppression that it’s easy for us to just see it as normal. Not even the “new normal” just normal, normal.

But, there are amazing women all over the world using their talents to tackle the problem of inequality in creative ways. This season you’ll meet some of these women and find inspiration to tackle your own patriarchal pain points!