Living in Your Passion at Any Age

How do you find your unique voice and use that voice to empower yourself, bringing about transformation in the things that you do and the way you show up in life?

Brenda R Bryan is the guest on this episode and she rocks the title of Kick Ass Inspirational Speaker and the Diviner of Human Potential. As a Speakers Coach, Transformational Coach and Mastermind Facilitator, she supports Women to unmask and nurture their genius, empowering them to live in the strength of their passion. She teaches through The Raise Your Voice Speakers Club, Badass Warriors Circle Mastermind, Dream Building workshops, one on one coaching, and workshops and stages across the country. 

This is a conversation that doesn’t shy away from talking about the patriarchal structure that has kept women oppressed and not living to their full potential. But, we also delve into the fact that it’s not too late to claim a safe space where you can dream big dreams and try new things. And, Brenda’s infectious vivaciousness will make you want to live your most vigorous and vibrant life despite whatever hardships you’ve had to overcome.  

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