50 Shades of Sexism Reviews the Movie: Barbie with Darina Neyret and Lorna Nakell

I Am My Passion Project has a new segment called, 50 Shades of Sexism! This new episode is a platform for co-hosts Darina Neyret and Lorna Nakell to apply a feminist lense to classic American Movies. You can have your favorite movies and think that they’re non-threatening, charming, or “fun for the whole family” (as the trailer voice over would suggest). Or maybe you like more challenging psychological movies, dramas, or horror films. But, what we don’t often think about when we’re enjoying our favorite genres is that most of them have some element of sexism. That’s because, unfortunately, sexism is so pervasive in our society. And, sexism and objectification, when it’s so entwined in the media (either overtly or covertly), can cause a type of normalization which is harmful to all humans because of the way women become dehumanized and devalued.

So, in the service of helping make the world a better place for women (this season’s theme), in this segment, Darina and Lorna point out the feminist pain-points in American films and offer creative suggestions for scripts, dialogue, etc., that they think would provide one of our favorite pastimes (movie watching) with more gender equality.

The movie that’s up for some scrutinizing in this episode: Barbie.

You can check out Darina’s photography here : https://darinaphoto.com/

(TRIGGER WARNING: please note that Darina’s homepage contains a video of a boudoir photoshoot)

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