NoLo 2.0: My Betrayal Story

In the spring of 2022 I discovered that my husband of 21 years had cheated on me in a variety of ways. Before that day, I thought we were good. Even after hearing how romantic love can fade over the years and be replaced by practical love, I felt my love for Noah grow and deepen every year. I was truly in love with him. When I discovered his betrayal my whole world crumbled beneath me.

This is my story of betrayal trauma and recovery. I tell it to educate, inspire, and validate other betrayed partners who might be dealing with deep feelings of loss, anger, regret, and of not being enough. All of those feelings are valid. And, it is possible to move beyond the hurt with or without your partner to live a full and wiser life.

Here are some resources that have helped me as well as Noah and my coupleship:


  • Helping Couples Heal with Duane Osterlind and Marney Breeker
  • The Healing Trauma Podcast with Monique Koven

Treatment and Counseling Programs

  • Helping Couples Heal: Online individual and couples counseling plus couple’s intensive workshops
  • 4th Dimension Counseling and Retreats: Retreat and counseling for women experiencing betrayal trauma)
  • Integrative Life Center: Inpatient clinic for men who are sex and porn addicts
  • Begin Again Institute: Inpatient clinic for men who are sex and porn addicts

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