Keys to Aging Amazingly After 70

If you think health and wellness has to go downhill after 50, or even 40, think again. My guest for this episode proves by example that with the right nutrition and fitness plan it’s possible to not just age well but reach big health goals—even in your 70s.

At 77, Dr. Maria Sheehan is a natural body fitness competitor winning multiple gold and silver medals in bikini, swimsuit and sports model categories in international competitions since 2017. Her academic degrees include two master’s degrees and a doctorate, and she holds certifications as a personal trainer and health coach.

She has been featured on the Aging and Awesome TV series and is a sought-after speaker for audiences wishing to improve their health and turn back time.

She offers online programs and Aging Agelessly retreats in Panama and Costa Rica. I discovered her on Instagram and was impressed by her empowering content and the stunning images from her retreats. I think you might find her strength training call to action as motivational as I did.

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