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Womanhouse is a feminist hub; a safe haven from the patriarchal society we are forced to live in. Here, women can find validation, support, and inspiration in the hopes that they can regroup, build on their feminine powers, and step back into the world, expansively; knowing that they are not alone. Content is offered in the spirit of nourishing, educating, and inspiring.

Betrayal Trauma Workshop

In this free workshop you will discover that you are not alone on your recovery journey. I will share my story of betrayal by my husband of 23 years. I will talk about my process of healing from kicking my husband out when I first had discovery, to reconciling and choosing to live the “recovery lifestyle.” Thriving After Betrayal Part 1 covers three of the main topics that should be addressed when you first have discovery: understanding the scope of your current situation, a plan for establishing safety, and how to use self-care to stabilize your health and emotions.


I Am My Passion Project is a feminist platform providing much needed conversations about the challenges of being a woman in our current society as well as the possibilities for empowerment. Each season has a different theme. So, grab a mug of “fight the patriarchy” tea (available soon—ha ha) and settle down into your Womanhouse to start scheming how you can be your own passion project, if you aren’t already.

Introducing I AM My Passion Project with Lorna Nakell


I AM: Reclaiming Me picks up where the blank pages of a standard journal leave you wanting. It is a structured journal designed for newly betrayed partners with valuable insights into the complexities of betrayal.

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    Sexism in the Gym: From Manspreading to Mansplaining