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Womanhouse is a hub for women over 50 who embrace feminism, want to fight the patriarchy, dream big dreams, and speak their truth. It’s an umbrella company for the passions I have and want to share with you. They are offered up in the spirit of nourishing, educating, and inspiring.

Introducing I AM My Passion Project with Lorna Nakell

The Podcast.

I AM MY Passion Project gives a voice to women over 50. It’s a platform to discuss sexism, health and wellness, redefining beauty, and healing from betrayal trauma; sometimes scripted, sometimes off-the-cuff, and oftentimes with passionate guests.

The Book.

I AM: Reclaiming Me picks up where the blank pages of a standard journal leave you wanting. It is a structured journal designed for newly betrayed partners with valuable insights into the complexities of betrayal.

  • Clean-faced Liberation or Distraction from Patriarchal Empowerment
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    Clean-faced Liberation or Distraction from Patriarchal Empowerment

    A couple of weeks ago all of social media was ablaze with talk of Pamela Anderson and her brazen move to go clean-faced to Paris Fashion Week. I knew something wasn’t sitting well with me when I first caught wind of the public’s response, and that I might feel compelled to use my voice to… Read More