My Financial Girlfriend Talks Money Empowerment for Women with Lisa Brumm

In the rich man’s world

Ah, all the things I could do

If I had a little money

It’s a rich man’s world


Ah, money… We all need it to support our daily lives and lifestyle dreams. Women don’t make as much of it, and therefore aren’t able to save as much of it. You might have an excellent relationship to it, or avoid talking about because it’s a triggering topic. But, today, in the privacy of whatever space you are listening to this episode, we’re going unfold part of the story of money in women’s lives and see if we can get to know our relationship to it a little bit better.

Today we’re diving into the world of finance with someone who’s been making waves in Portland Oregon’s financial scene since 1997.  Lisa Brumm is a trailblazer recognized by US News and Money for 9 consecutive years as one of Portland’s Top 100 Financial Professionals.

She is a prominent figure on KOIN TV’s Women Crush Wednesday segment and a regular contributor on Channel 2 AM NW, she’s known for her candid discussions about women and money; making finance accessible in real-life terms.

Lisa’s journey began in banking before transitioning into financial planning fueled by her passion for education and empowerment, particularly for women. In a society where money conversations often evoke discomfort and shame, Lisa took a deliberate stance to create a judgment-free zone within her company. She’s on a mission to ignite financial curiosity and alleviate the stress that might be keeping you up at night.

I wanted Lisa on this season because she is helping make the world a better place for women by empowering them financially. Without financial wellness it’s almost impossible for women to live their life to the fullest potential. So, now we get to have a warm money chat with the woman behind Your Financial Girlfriend.


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