Let's Redesign the World as a Better and Safer Place for Women with Lorna Nakell

The current population of the world is approximately 8 billion people. That’s a lot. That’s a lot of people like you and me living through some challenges; shuffling about, making decisions, building things, eating, pooping, having sex… Of that 8 billion people, 50.5% are male and 49.5% are female. That seems pretty equal right—almost half and half? I would think control would be split right down the middle between men and women. So, then how is it that we live in a patriarchal society; a society designed by men for men?

In this season of I Am My Passion Project titled, “Let’s Redesign the World as a Better and Safer Place for Women” we delve into issues of safety, functionality, and accessibility for women. You’ll hear from several thought leaders in a variety of industries who have made significant contributions to help end sexism, provide education around gender equality, and provide safe spaces for women. And, you’ll find hope and inspiration for ways that you can either continue making your own current contributions, or use your passions and creativity to come up with new solutions.

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