The Broke-ass Renaissance Woman

Jen and I went to college together at Cornish College of the Arts in the art department back in the ’90s. We sort of went our separate ways after college, but last year she reached out to me to be an artist in her Supperfield Museum of Contemporary Art in Seattle, where she currently lives. During one of our conversations leading up to the show I think that she said something to the effect that she has so many talents, she doesn’t know why she isn’t rich. And, I said I totally related to the feeling of being an underappreciated and underpaid Renaissance woman. So, I had to bring her on the podcast to chat with me about just that thing: being a broke-ass Renaissance woman.

Jennifer McNeely has exhibited her work in her home of the Pacific Northwest and across the country for over 25 years in both solo and group exhibitions. As a process based artist, she relies on the materials to inform her work. This unique approach and her prolific pace has earned her accolades including: The Artist Trust GAP Grant, Portable Works Program, and inclusion in private collections and publications, including a documentary series on BBC.

You can find Jen on IG here: @jenmcneelyart

and here: @smcaseattle

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