Photography: Beyond Toxic Beauty Standards with Darina Neyret

Are you a woman looking for a confidence boost that doesn’t involve being hit on by a stranger in a bar? Have you been through some hardships and need a way to look at yourself in a more loving light? Are you already feelin’ yourself and just wishing you could find the right talent to capture it on film. Well, I’ve got just the person who can help you with any and all of that! In this episode I have the privilege of taking a deep dive into women’s portrait photography with Darina Neyret.

Darina is a professional photographer whose lens captures more than just portraits. Her work serves as a conduit for body acceptance while fostering the uniqueness of every individual. She is making the world a better place for women by burning the book on toxic beauty stereotypes and extending her artform to a broader mission aimed at catalyzing a global paradigm shift. A shift where each snapshot potentially reshapes her clients’ mindsets, elevating their confidence, and promoting self-love. This transformation seeks to reshape cultural perspectives in order to promote a profound respect for and recognition of women’s invaluable contributions to the world. 

With neuroscience as a grounding methodology, Darina also coaches other professional photographers on how to reveal the genuine essence of each woman they frame through their own lenses.

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