More Than Just a Giving Tree

Artists who have experienced traumatic childhoods are more likely to fully immerse themselves in the creative process, having a more robust fantasy life, and feeling emotions more strongly. Think Van Gogh, or Nicki Minaj—if you don’t want to go back that far. And, the creative process can look like many different things. Artists also have a tendency towards giving. But how do you channel that creativity and an empathy for others when you’re placed in the position that a lot of women end up struggling with: being part of the “sandwich generation?”

My guest on this episode, Jen Neitzel, shares her journey from maker to teacher and art school owner, to tiny home maker, to owner and innkeeper of The Starry Night Inn (a boutique art hotel in Seaside, OR) all while being a caretaker for her mom who suffers from mental illness. Hear how Jen uses her creativity to uplift and support others, while being supported herself, by her husband and son.

Check out The Starry Night Inn for a relaxing and artsy stay at Seaside. If you’re an artist, consider applying for the artist residency.

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