Online Dating: Safety Tips for Women with Michelle Traub

What is going on in the online dating world? Is it full of empathetic/loving men, the ghosts of princes, or narcissists trying to make you feel like a rube? In this episode of I Am My Passion Project author Michelle Traub shares insights and tips that will help keep women dipping their toes into online dating, or those already fully immersed in the waters, feeling more empowered and safe.

Michelle Gibeault Traub is a writer, healing coach, and dietitian with a master’s degree in integrative health. More importantly, she is a sensitive empath who brings intuition and compassion to her work. Michelle’s book, “Online Dating for Sensitive Women,” is much needed dating guidance for all women, especially those who have been in or want to avoid being in a toxic or narcissistic relationship. This is the book she desperately wished she had when she experienced the challenges of online dating following her difficult divorce. 

Michelle draws from decades of experience in natural healing, yoga, meditation, astrology, and more to empower women to be their best. Follow Michelle at, where she shares free natural healing tools, inspiration, and empowerment support.

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