I Am Reclaiming Me

A Betrayed Partner’s Daily Practice Journal


Find your way through betrayal trauma to a stronger you!

Betrayal trauma due to infidelity by a spouse or partner is one of the most painful experiences a woman can face due to the devastating relational fracturing and broken trust that’s incurred. Some experts in the field say that it’s second only to the loss of a child because your life partner—the man you trusted, loved entirely, and believed you knew—has a metaphorical death upon your discovery of the life of lies they had been perpetuating and the double life they have been leading.

Because journaling is an essential tool for self discovery via brain dumps at 4 AM in the morning and note taking, but it’s not ideal for tracking where you are in your recovery process as an individual or as a couple, I AM: Reclaiming Me picks up where the blank pages of a standard journal leave you wanting. It is a structured journal designed for newly betrayed partners with valuable insights into the complexities of betrayal. The reader is guided through repeated questions for a three month period allowing them to assess their personal recovery as well as that of their coupleship—and if they should stay or go—at the end of that timeframe.

Key Components:

  • Validation for the pain you might be experiencing and the negative thoughts you might be having about yourself
  • Author’s personal insights from being a betrayed partner
  • Educational information from several sources about the struggles and tools involved in betrayal trauma
  • A way to start identifying, managing, and minimizing triggers and ruminations 
  • Betrayal related poems 
  • The space to dream a new future for yourself

Other Suggested Reading:

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