What's that Stench? NCOSE's Dirty Dozen List

Every year the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) puts out their Dirty Dozen List. Just this past April they put out their 2024 list. This is a list of mainstream entities that facilitate, enable, and even profit from sexual abuse and exploitation.

“Sexual exploitation and abuse thrives across tech platforms and entities we use daily; they continue to flourish due to lack of or poor enforcement of policies; and they are enabled by a lack of sufficient laws to hold companies accountable. The Dirty Dozen List exposes exploitation happening to us and to our children and calls for those enabling and profiting from sexual abuse and exploitation to change.” — Lina Nealon, Vice President & Director of Corporate Advocacy, National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

Over the past decade, the Dirty Dozen List Campaign has instigated major policy changes at Google, TikTok, Comcast, Delta Airlines, Amazon, the Department of Defense, and many other influential institutions. The list reveals practices and products that endanger and harm people and galvanizes the public to press on the named entities to act ethically and promote human dignity. The 2024 Dirty Dozen List puts companies on notice regarding the harmful business practices and policies leaving them with no more excuses for ignorance or inaction.

For episode 11 of I Am My Passion Project I interviewed Lily Moric, the Communications & Content Strategist with NCOSE. Her interest in combating sexual exploitation issues began in college when she discovered the vast body of research on pornography’s harmful effects on individuals and society. She proceeded to dedicate herself to raising public awareness of these harms. In addition to working towards this goal with NCOSE, Lily also presents regularly in high schools on the harms of pornography, and has run a podcast, webinars, discussion groups, and awareness campaigns on university campuses.

Learn more about the NCOSE by listening to my interview with Haley McNamera on season 1, episode 10 of IAMPP.

Visit NCOSE to learn more about their mission, to become part of the solution by taking action, or to donate to their cause.


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