I Am Reclaiming Me: Navigating the Formal Disclosure Process

With Lorna Nakell | Thu, July 25 | 6PM Pacific Time


Healing from betrayal trauma requires confronting painful truths and working through complex emotions. One of the hardest things for betrayed partners to overcome is the knowledge that they have been repeatedly lied to and gaslit because of their partner’s sex addiction. Being lied to can affect our ability to feel safe, it can harm our self-esteem, and it can undermine our desire to be intimate.

A formal disclosure (FD) is crucial in the betrayal trauma recovery process for several reasons. It can help provide:

  1. Validation and acknowledgment
  2. Clarity and understanding
  3. A platform for rebuilding trust
  4. A renewed sense of empowerment and agency
  5. A path toward healing

When all of the steps in the FD process are completed (including the impact letter, etc.) it can help lay the foundation for rebuilding a more resilient relationship as you move forward together in a healthier and more authentic way.

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WHEN: Thur, July 25
6–7 p.m. PT

In this 60 minute workshop you will learn:
  • What a formal disclosure is and how it can help you decide what your next steps should be regarding your relationship
  • The additional pieces of the puzzle that follow the FD
  • Strategies for self-care that can help with managing your emotions and safety level during this challenging time
  • There will also be time for Q&A.
This workshop is for you if:
  • You are a woman in the beginning or middle stages of recovery from betrayal by a sex addict
  • You want to learn more about specific tools for couples to use during their recovery journey
  • Are interested in connecting to others who have been in a similar situations for support and validation
  • You want to reclaim your personal identity after betrayal
  • You are in the process of deciding whether to stay in your relationship
  • You’ve decided that you will stay in your relationship
  • You are looking for creative ways to overcome your trauma