Women Over Fifty

Turning fifty can be a pivotal point in a woman’s life. It’s a fork in the road where we can choose to stay the course continuing on the path that is known—the path we’ve been paving for years, or we can choose to vier off the path and jump into the deep; into the unknown—hopefully in the warm waters of the Caribbean ocean or Mediterranean sea. It’s also a time when we can start to really feel ageist discrimination in the form of becoming invisible—no longer valued as a player in societal discussions. We become targets of microaggressions from healthcare workers and other folks that see gray haired women and say, “can I take your bags out to the car for you.”

In this episode I share the long and winding path that led me here; to being the host of I AM: My Passion Project. And, I talk about how I follow in the footsteps of several other women who didn’t fully bloom until they were over 50. So, if you’re over 50 and braving new endeavours, pick up that six-pack of wine coolers ’cause the party is about to get started—but it’s BYOB.

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